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Leak detection and location play an important role in the management of a pipeline system. Some model-based methods, such as those based on the extended Kalman filter (EKF) or based on the strong tracking filter (STF), have been presented to solve this problem. But these methods need the nonlinear pipeline model to be linearized. Unfortunately, linearized(More)
Most of the existing interacting multiple model (IMM) based fault diagnosis approaches are limited to systems with synchronous sensors. In this paper, the actuator fault diagnosis problem for dynamic systems with multiple asynchronous sensors is studied. An asynchronous IMM fusion (AIMMF) algorithm is proposed to fuse measurements from multiple asynchronous(More)
The design of monitoring and predictive alarm systems is necessary for successful overhead power transmission line icing. Given the characteristics of complexity, nonlinearity, and fitfulness in the line icing process, a model based on a multivariable time series is presented here to predict the icing load of a transmission line. In this model, the time(More)
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