Dong-zi Lin

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There were limited studies assessing the role of HMGB1 in TB infection. In this prospective study, we aimed to assess the levels of HMGB1 in plasma or sputum from active pulmonary tuberculosis (APTB) patients positive for Mtb culture test, and to evaluate its relationship with inflammatory cytokines and innate immune cells. A total of 36 sputum Mtb culture(More)
Despite past extensive studies, the role of B and T lymphocyte attenuator (BTLA) in αβ T cells in patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis (ATB) remains poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that BTLA expression on αβ T cells is decreased in patients with M. tuberculosis (Mtb) infection. Particularly, BTLA expression levels are likely critical for αβ T(More)
IV (OMIM 146700) is the most common ichthyosis with an estimated prevalence of 1:250–1000, and is inherited in a semidominant pattern [1]. Patients have light grey scaling, keratosis pilaris, increased palmoplantar markings and associated atopic manifestations. Involvement is generally mild and may vary greatly with climate and humidity. There is reduced or(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of filaggrin gene (FLG) polymorphism with atopic dermatitis (AD) in southern Chinese Han population. METHODS The frequencies of the 13 known FLG gene single nucleotide polymorphism(SNPs), including 3321delA, 441delA, 1249insG, E1795X, S3296X, R501X, 2282del4, R2447X, S2889X, 7945delA, 3702delG, Q2417X, R4307X, were(More)
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