Dong-yeong Kim

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Photo-electrodes with tailored three-dimensional nanostructures offer a large enhancement in light harvesting capability for various optoelectronic devices enabled by strong light scattering in the nanostructures as well as improved charge transport. Here we present an array of three-dimensional titanium dioxide (TiO₂) nanohelixes fabricated by the oblique(More)
High-aspect-ratio nanotextured surfaces with different morphologies (straight, core-shell type, and core-branch type nanowires) are prepared by a hydrothermal method of ZnO nanowires, followed by means of RF sputtering for core-shell type nanowires and e-beam evaporation for branch-type nanowires. The structural analysis showed that the MgO has highly(More)
BACKGROUND Femoral offset influences the forces at the hip and the implant stresses after revision THR. For extended bone defects, these forces may cause considerable bending moments within the implant, possibly leading to implant failure. This study investigates the influences of femoral anteversion and offset on stresses in the Wagner SL revision stem(More)
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