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OBJECTIVE To establish an FTIR method for the analysis of Dendrobium. METHOD Using fourier transform infrared spectrometer to record the characteristic spectra of eleven samples of Dendrobium, and to compare the spectra by PCA (principal component analysis). RESULT The FTIR spectra of the upper part of the stem displayed significant differences between(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the curative effects of different drugs on liver cell damage of rats induced by acute nickel carbonyl poisoning. METHODS In present study 220 SD rats were divided into control group (10 rats), carbonyl nickel group (10 rats), 20 mg/kg methylprednisolone group (40 rats), 100 mg/kg DDC group (40 rats), 10 µmol/kg sodium selenite group(More)
Living-donor liver transplantation (LDLT) has increasingly performed all around the world. However, LDLT donors achieve no medical benefits and are exposed to the risk of complications, and even death. The potential effects of LDLT on donor safety, donor recovery, and post-donation psychological impairment are essential to be better understood. We searched(More)
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