Dong-ming Chen

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OBJECTIVE To examine the expression of nestin and neurogenin 3 (Ngn3), the markers of pancreatic stem cells, in the human fetal pancreas. METHODS The human fetal pancreas tissue of 12 and 14 weeks were examined for the expression of nestin and Ngn3 using the techniques of immunofluorescence dye and RT-PCR. RESULTS Both nestin and Ngn3 expressed widely(More)
Raman and IR spectra of the free base p-sulfonatophenyl and phenyl meso-substituted porphyrins [5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin (TPPS4); 5,10,15-tris(4-sulfonatophenyl)-20-phenyl-porphyrin (TPPS3); 5,10-bis(4-sulfonatophenyl)-15,20-diphenylporphyrin (TPPS2A); 5,15-bis(4-sulfonatophenyl)-10,20-diphenylporphyrin (TPPS2O); and(More)
The ground-state structure and electronic and vibrational spectra of octaethylporphyrin diacid (H4OEP2+) have been studied with the density functional theory. The geometrical parameters computed with B3LYP, PBE1PBE and mPW1PW91 functionals and 6-31G* basis sets are well consistent with the experimental values. Electronic absorption spectrum of H4OEP2+ has(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of intralesional steroid, interferon alpha-2b or verapamil injection on proliferation, apoptosis and TGF-beta1 expression in keloid and hypertrophic scar in vivo. METHODS 6 patients with keloids and 6 patients with hypertrophic scar were treated with intralesional injection of triamcinolone acetonide (40 mg/ml) or IFN(More)
The doubly resonant IR-UV sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy (SFVS) of 1,1'-bi-2-naphthol (BN) solution and its dispersion spectra are analyzed and computed using the ZINDO//AM1 calculation and the direct approach of Raman scattering tensor calculation, which is based on calculations of Franck-Condon factors and on differentiation of the electronic(More)
Based on Buckingham and Pople's theory of magnetic double refraction, a theoretical expression is derived for a new Cotton-Mouton effect φ(C-M)((IB)) in liquid induced by the crossed effect between the high dc magnetic field B(0) and the nuclear magnetic moment m(z)((l)). It contains temperature-independent and -dependent parts. The latter is proportional(More)
The vibrational spectra of meso-tetraphenylporphyrin diacid (H4TPP2+) have been studied with the density functional theory. Raman and IR spectra of H4TPP2+ and its N-deuterated analogue (D4TPP2+) are measured and compared with the computational results. Complete assignments of observed IR and Raman bands were proposed on the bases of calculation results.(More)
The potential energy surface for the CH(2)O + ClO reaction was calculated at the QCISD(T)/6-311G(2d,2p)//B3LYP/6-311G(d,p) level of theory. The rate constants for the lower barrier reaction channels producing HOCl + HCO, H atom, OCH(2)OCl, cis-HC(O)OCl and trans-HC(O)OCl have been calculated by TST and multichannel RRKM theory. Over the temperature range of(More)
In this paper we propose and discuss the laser-induced circular dichroism (LICD) effect, which is expected to occur in linear molecules pumped by a strong circular resonant light beam. The effect is to be detected via the absorption of a weak circularly polarized probe beam on another transition. Analogous to the external magnetic field in magnetic circular(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper is to investigate the effects of steroid or IFN alpha-2b on apoptosis and cell pathway of fibroblasts from keloids, hypertrophic scars and normal skins and different responses of different fibroblasts. METHODS 6 samples from keloid, hypertrophic scar and normal skin were collected respectively and fibroblasts from different sources(More)