Dong-mei Luo

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Extruded Mg-1Mn-2Zn-xNd alloys (x=0.5, 1.0, 1.5 mass %) have been developed for their potential use as biomaterials. The extrusion on the alloys was performed at temperature of 623K with an extrusion ratio of 14.7 under an average extrusion speed of 4mm/s. The microstructure, mechanical property, corrosion behavior and biocompatibility of the extruded(More)
BACKGROUND Medically unexplained dyspnea occurs commonly in medical settings and remains poorly understood. This study was conducted to investigate the psychophysiological characteristics of medically unexplained dyspnea and the efficacy of breathing retraining for these patients. METHODS A group of patients with medically unexplained dyspnea were(More)
BACKGROUND Medically unexplained dyspnea refers to a condition characterized by a sensation of dyspnea and is typically applied to patients presenting with anxiety and hyperventilation without underlying cardiopulmonary pathology. We were interested to know how anxiety triggers hyperventilation and elicits subjective symptoms in those patients. Using an(More)
Several molecule counting methods based on electrochemical characterization of alkanethiol and thiolated single-stranded oligonucleotide (HS-ssDNA) immobilized on gold microplates, which were used as extended gates of field effect transistors (FETs), have been investigated in this paper. The surface density of alkanethiol and DNA monolayers on gold(More)
OBJECTIVE Medically unexplained dyspnea is common in adult and accounts for 14% patients complaining of dyspnea. Its occurrence in children is seldom recognized. In the present paper, 34 children with medically unexplained dyspnea (age 10 to 18 years) seen in Peking Union Medical College Hospital from 1996 to 2002 are reported. METHODS The diagnosis of(More)
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