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Dynamics of false vacuum bubbles: beyond the thin shell approximation
We numerically study the dynamics of false vacuum bubbles which are inside an almost flat background; we assumed spherical symmetry and the size of the bubble is smaller than the size of theExpand
Mass inflation in f(R) gravity ? A conjecture on the resolution of the mass inflation singularity
We study gravitational collapse of a charged black hole in f(R) gravity using double-null formalism. We require cosmological stability to f(R) models; we used the Starobinsky model and the R+(1/2)cR2Expand
Is the firewall consistent?: Gedanken experiments on black hole complementarity and firewall proposal
In this paper, we discuss the black hole complementarity and the firewall proposal at length. Black hole complementarity is inevitable if we assume the following five things: unitarity, entropy-areaExpand
Dynamics of implied volatility surfaces from random matrix theory
We analyze the dynamics of the implied volatility surface of KOSPI 200 futures options from random matrix theory. To extract the informative data, we use random matrix criteria. Implied volatilityExpand
The no-boundary measure in string theory: Applications to moduli stabilization, flux compactification, and cosmic landscape
We investigate the no-boundary measure in the context of moduli stabilization. To this end, we first show that for exponential potentials, there are no classical histories once the slope exceeds aExpand
The No-boundary measure in scalar-tensor gravity
In this article, we study the no-boundary wave function in scalar-tensor gravity with various potentials for the non-minimally coupled scalar field. Our goal is to calculate probabilities for theExpand
Euclidean quantum gravity and stochastic inflation
In this paper, we compare dispersions of a scalar field in Euclidean quantum gravity and stochastic inflation. We use Einstein gravity with a minimally coupled scalar field and a quadratic potential.Expand
The causal structure of dynamical charged black holes
We study the causal structure of dynamical charged black holes, with a sufficient number of massless fields, using numerical simulations. Neglecting Hawking radiation, the inner horizon is a nullExpand
No-boundary wave function for two-field inflation
In this paper, we investigate the no-boundary wave function and the complex-valued instantons for two-field inflation models that have different masses. If there is a relatively massive direction, toExpand
Toward inflation models compatible with the no-boundary proposal
In this paper, we investigate various inflation models in the context of the no-boundary proposal. We propose that a good inflation model should satisfy three conditions: observational constraints,Expand