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Effective line elements and black-hole models in canonical loop quantum gravity
Canonical quantization is often used to suggest new effects in quantum gravity, in the dynamics as well as the structure of space-time. Usually, possible phenomena are first seen in a modifiedExpand
A consistent model of non-singular Schwarzschild black hole in loop quantum gravity and its quasinormal modes
We investigate the interior structure, perturbations, and the associated quasinormal modes of a quantum black hole model recently proposed by Bodendorfer, Mele, and Munch (BMM). Within the frameworkExpand
Oscillating Fubini instantons in curved space
A Fubini instanton is a bounce solution which describes the decay of a vacuum state located at the top of the tachyonic potential via the tunneling without a barrier. We investigate various types ofExpand
Mass inflation in f(R) gravity ? A conjecture on the resolution of the mass inflation singularity
We study gravitational collapse of a charged black hole in f(R) gravity using double-null formalism. We require cosmological stability to f(R) models; we used the Starobinsky model and the R+(1/2)cR2Expand
Dynamics of false vacuum bubbles: beyond the thin shell approximation
We numerically study the dynamics of false vacuum bubbles which are inside an almost flat background; we assumed spherical symmetry and the size of the bubble is smaller than the size of theExpand
Status Report: Black Hole Complementarity Controversy
Black hole complementarity was a consensus among string theorists for the interpretation of the information loss problem. However, recently some authors find inconsistency of black holeExpand
Thin-shell bubbles and information loss problem in anti de Sitter background
A bstractWe study the motion of thin-shell bubbles and their tunneling in anti de Sitter (AdS) background. We are interested in the case when the outside of a shell is a Schwarzschild-AdS spaceExpand
Black Hole Remnants and the Information Loss Paradox
Abstract Forty years after the discovery of Hawking radiation, its exact nature remains elusive. If Hawking radiation does not carry any information out from the ever shrinking black hole, it seemsExpand
Asymptotic non-flatness of an effective black hole model based on loop quantum gravity
For any non-rotating effective quantum (uncharged) black hole model to be viable, its asymptotic structure of spacetime should reduce to that of a Schwarzschild black hole. After examining theExpand
Entropy evolution of moving mirrors and the information loss problem
We investigate the entanglement entropy and the information flow of two-dimensional moving mirrors. Here we point out that various mirror trajectories can help to mimic different candidateExpand