Dong-dong Yuan

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Panax Notoginseng Saponins (PNS) have been well known to have anti-tumor activity and enhance cytotoxicity of some cancer chemotherapy agents, but the mechanisms underlying these effects are still unknown. This study investigates the effect of PNS on cytotoxicity of cisplatin and the relationship between this effect and the modulation of gap junctions (GJ)(More)
2-Aminoethoxydiphenyl borate (2-APB) has recently been demonstrated to inhibit gap junction (GJ) channels, whereas the underlying mechanisms are still unknown. Using mouse TM₄ Sertoli cell which expresses connexin43 (Cx43), we explored the effects of 2-APB and its analogues on dye-coupling through junctional channels formed by Cx43 and on expression of(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical combination of some traditional Chinese medical herbs, including berberine, with irradiation is demonstrated to improve efficacy of tumor radiotherapy, yet the mechanisms for such effect remain largely unknown. The present study investigated the effect of berberine on apoptosis induced by X-rays irradiation and the relation between this(More)
Intestinal motility and barriers are often impaired due to intestinal congestion during liver transplantation. Intestinal bacteria and enterogenous endotoxins enter into the blood stream or lymphatic system and translocate to other organs, which can result in postoperative multi-organ dysfunction (MODF) and systemic inflammatory reaction syndrome (SIRS)(More)
The aim of this study was to observe the influence of gap junction (GJ) functional changes on the hepatotoxicity of TNF-α. Three different methods were employed to study functional effects of the GJ inhibition: 1) pretreatment with a GJ inhibitor; 2) inoculation of cells at high and low densities; and 3) inhibition of the expression of connexin 32 (Cx32) by(More)
The splenic sinuses, lymphocytes and antigen presenting cells in the spleen of rat stimulated by He-Ne laser acupuncture were observed by using TEM to investigate the ultrastructural changes of them. The width of endothelial interstice was increased, hence a lot of blood cells oozed out of the splenic sinuses. There were numerous activated T cells which(More)
The lymphocytes and antigen presenting cells in lymph node of rats stimulated by He-Ne laser acupuncture were observed by using TEM and SEM to investigate the ultrastructural changes of them. There were numerous activated T-cells which showed deeply indented nucleus, abundant small void mitochondria and free ribosomes in the paracortex area. The B-cells(More)
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