Dong-chan Lee

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This report describes synthesis and characterization of a molecular diode based upon a diblock conjugated oligomer system. This system consists of two conjugated blocks with opposite electronic demand. The molecular structure exhibits a built-in electronic asymmetry, much like a semiconductor p-n junction. Electrical measurements by scanning tunneling(More)
We introduce a simple process to synthesize few-layered MoS(2) nanosheets supported on coaxial carbon nanotubes through an L-cysteine-assisted hydrothermal route, in which L-cysteine, a cheap and ordinary amino acid, plays a fundamental role in controlling the morphology of the hybrid material and the binder to help the growth of MoS(2) nanosheets on the(More)
Numbers of companies are using AMS (Accounting Management System) to manage their accounting data. In the case of large corporations they tend to use ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), but except them most of companies use AMS to manage their accounting information. In the other words, every company is using some sort of digital data format to manage(More)
We report a proof-of-concept study on solution-processed organic solar cells (OSCs) based on [6,6]-phenyl-C61-butyric acid methyl ester (PC61BM) and structurally compact donor molecules which have dithiophene-phenazine-dithiophene (TH-P) and dithiophene-quinoxaline-dithiophene (TH-Q) configurations with decyloxy and methyl side groups, respectively. These(More)
We report for the first time a solution-based synthesis of strongly coupled nanoFe/multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWCNT) and nanoNiO/MWCNT nanocomposite materials for use as anodes and cathodes in rechargeable alkaline Ni-Fe batteries. The produced aqueous batteries demonstrate very high discharge capacities (800 mAh gFe(-1) at 200 mA g(-1) current density),(More)
This paper reports a simple method for the multilayer immobilization of conjugated polymers, gold nanoparticles on solid supports. Poly(phenyenevinylene) functionalized with aldehyde and aminooxy groups was chemoselectively immobilized onto both glass and gold substrates via layer-by-layer deposition. The physical properties of the thin films were(More)
Palaeontological data of extinct groups often sheds light on the evolutionary sequences leading to extant groups, but has failed to resolve the basal metazoan phylogeny including the origin of the Cnidaria. Here we report the occurrence of a stem-group cnidarian, Cambroctoconus orientalis gen. et sp. nov., from the mid-Cambrian of China, which is a colonial(More)
The current study employs both theoretical and experimental methods to characterize the electronic properties associated with peripheral substitution on asymmetric phenazine and bisphenazine systems. Substituent groups include F, Cl, Br, and NO(2) with substitutions made at different positions on the heteroaromatic rings in order to assess the effects of(More)
This Letter reports a novel approach to the fabrication of a biomimicking surface by modification of an end-functionalizable smooth polymer cushion constructed via chemoselective ligation with a phospholipid-like molecule containing oxyamine groups. The mobility of a phospholipid bilayer formed by vesicle fusion on the phospholipid-like molecule terminated(More)
Tuning electronic properties and morphologies: We report a unique design platform of n-type organic semiconductors based on asymmetrically substituted bisphenazines that enable tuning of both electronic properties and morphologies of 1D nanostructures (see figure) by using small substituents with various sizes and electronic demands.This paper reports the(More)