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Wideband planar monopole antennas with dual band-notched characteristics are presented. The proposed antenna consists of a wideband planar monopole antenna and the multiple cup-, cap-, and inverted L-shaped slots, producing band-notched characteristics. In order to generate dual band-notched characteristic, we propose nine types of planar monopole antennas,(More)
For an efficient wireless charging to multiple devices, transmitter (TX) system should be able to control the transmitting power-level by monitoring number of receiver (RX) devices via their identification information and charging status and capacity of each receivers. This work proposes a one-way in-band communication scheme, corresponding system(More)
This paper presents a balanced antenna design for a six-port receiver architecture. The conventional six-port architectures require at least 4 distribute components and a balun is needed if a balanced antenna is used. In order to use the balanced antenna integrated six-port architecture having less number of distribute components and no additional balun,(More)
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