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Three genetically distinct groups of Candida parapsilosis were detected among clinical isolates. These were distinguishable on the basis of isoenzyme profiles and DNA sequences of internally transcribed spacer (ITS) sequences flanking the 5.8S RNA gene. In an investigation of 45 strains, including 32 clinical isolates from Texas, C. parapsilosis group I(More)
Filaggrin (FLG) plays an important role in the epidermal barrier function, which identified in patients with ichthyosis vulgaris(IV).To study the genetics of FLG mutations in Southern Chinese patients with IV. We evaluated the influence of five mutations (3321 delA, 441delA, 1249 insG, E1795X and S3296X) in a cohort of 65 IV Chinese patients and in 100(More)
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