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This paper talks about several schemes for improving retrieval effectiveness that can be used in the named page finding tasks of web information retrieval (Overview of the TREC-2002 web track. In: Proceedings of the Eleventh Text Retrieval Conference TREC-2002, NIST Special Publication #500-251, 2003). These methods were applied on top of the basic(More)
For the web document retrieval experiments in our TREC '2002 participation, we used two new methods. One is the use of anchor texts, which has been advocated by many researchers. But the methods used by them is different from our method. The second is the use of sentence-query similarity. It has been known that the use of links for web retrieval did not(More)
As our first TREC participation, four runs were submitted for the ad hoc task and two runs for the home page finding task in the web track. For the ad hoc task we experimented on the usefulness of anchor texts. However, no significant gain in retrieval effectiveness was observed. The substring relationship between URL's was found to be effective in the home(More)
As a part of work on alignment of the English and Korean parallel corpus, this paper presents a statistical translation model incorporating linguistic knowledge of syntactic and phrasal information for better translations. For this, we propose three models: First, we incorporate syntactic information such as part of speech into the word-based lexical(More)
The HKIB, or Hankookilbo, test collections are two archives of Korean newswire stories manually categorized with semi-hierarchical or hierarchical category taxonomies. The base newswire stories were made available by the Hankook Ilbo (The Korea Daily) for research purposes. At first, Chungnam National University and KISTI collaborated to manually tag 40,075(More)
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