Dong-Yoon Choi

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The concentration of major odor-causing compounds including phenols, indoles, short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) and branched chain fatty acids (BCFAs) in response to the addition of powdered horse radish (PHR) and spent mushroom compost (SMC) was compared with control non-treated slurry (CNS) samples. A total of 97,465 rDNAs sequence reads were generated from(More)
This paper presents a power-constrained contrast enhancement algorithm for organic light-emitting diode display based on multiscale retinex (MSR). In general, MSR, which is the key component of the proposed algorithm, consists of power controllable log operation and subbandwise gain control. First, we decompose an input image to MSRs of different sub-bands,(More)
The present study evaluated the phytotoxicity effect of goat manure (GM) collected from six different regions in South Korea, namely, Chupungnyeong (T1), Hoengseong (T2), Goesan (T3), Sancheong (T4), Jangsu (T5) and Namwon (T6). Phytotoxicity was assessed by means of the analysis of germination index (GI), relative seed germination (RSG), relative root(More)
This paper proposes a fast super-resolution (SR) algorithm using content-adaptive two-dimensional (2D) finite impulse response (FIR) filters. The proposed algorithm consists of a learning stage and an inference stage. In the learning stage, we cluster a sufficient number of low-resolution (LR) and high-resolution (HR) patch pairs into a specific number of(More)
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