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A major aim of cattle genome research is to identify candidate genes associated with meat quantity and quality through QTL analysis for application in the livestock industry. Therefore, this study focused on discovery of useful SNPs within the LOC534614 gene, containing 12273_165 SNP which is located on the same site as the QTL on chromosome 6, and(More)
The current study was conducted to identify technology for the production of high quality pork, based on the meat consumption habits of consumers. Macsumsuk, a type of kaolinite (a clay mineral), and/or a mixture of herbs (Mori Folium, Sophorae Radix, Glycyrrhizae Radix, Citri Leiocarpae Exocarpium, and Pogostemi Herba) were added to the diets of fattening(More)
Chicken, Gallus gallus, is a valuable species both as a food source and as a model organism for scientific research. Here, we sequenced the genome of Gyeongbuk Araucana, a rare chicken breed with unique phenotypic characteristics including flight ability, large body size, and laying blue-shelled eggs, to identify its genomic features. We generated genomes(More)
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