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The paper presents a quaternion-based attitude control algorithm which is subject to control input constraints for rigid spacecrafts. Lyapunov theory is employed to prove the global asymptotic stability of the zero equilibrium points of the close loop system. Also the algorithm is validated by the corresponding hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation using a(More)
Camera calibration has been studied extensively in computer vision and photogrammetry. But almost all the camera calibration techniques iterate with the general minimizing function by minimizing the discrepancy between the real position in pixels of a 2D image point and the calculated projection of the 3D object point on the image plane. Though the imaging(More)
This paper is concerned with the problem of robust filter design for a class of discrete-time networked nonlinear systems. The Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy model is employed to represent the underlying nonlinear dynamics. A multi-channel communication scheme that involves a channel switching phenomenon described by a Markov chain is proposed for data(More)
For the binocular vision system based on light-weighted passive IR reflective markers and IR LED array PCB board, which is used to measure the 3-D motion parameters of rocket motor, the most important issue is determining the coordinates of infrared markers. In order to solve this problem, a fast center of mass estimation algorithm was proposed in this(More)
Satellite design is a complex and systematic project. In the design process, due to the complexity of the relations among different disciplinary and the coupling of design variables, the efficiency of the optimization design is not efficiently. Recently cloud computing has been widely used in intelligent control, data mining, optimization computation and(More)
Guidance is critical for a probe to land on the moon surface successfully. This paper mostly discusses about the guidance law in deceleration process of lunar soft landing. Based on some hypothesis, it creates the dynamics model which is built in the coordinate system of soft landing. Then the suboptimal fuel-consuming guidance law is designed for the(More)
Usually the acoustic has non-stationary and low signal to noise ratio characteristics, which will reduce the accuracy of time delay estimation. In order to resolute this problem and improve the accuracy of time delay estimation. In this paper a novel wavelet denoising algorithm and Generalized Cross Correlation (GCC) algorithm are combined to improve the(More)