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Bone regeneration using a freeze-dried 3D gradient-structured scaffold incorporating OIC-A006-loaded PLGA microspheres based on β-TCP/PLGA
To reveal the latent capacity of the growth factor-like low-molecular-weight material OIC-A006 in tissue regeneration, it is essential to design a porous scaffold in order to concurrently accommodateExpand
Architecture design for reliable and reconfigurable FPGA-based GNC computer for deep space exploration
SRAM (static random access memory)-based FPGA (field programmable gate array), owing to its large capacity, high performance, and dynamical reconfiguration, has become an attractive platform for SoPCExpand
Dielectric and microwave absorption properties of plasma sprayed Cr/Al2O3 composite coatings
Abstract Cr/Al 2 O 3 coatings were fabricated by plasma spraying technology from ball milled and spray dried feedstock powders, and their microstructure, complex permittivity and microwave absorptionExpand
A Novel Accurate Characterization Method for Piezoelectric Material Parameters
This paper reports a novel piezoelectric material accurate characterization method including loss characteristics,which is based upon Simulated Annealing(SA) optimization algorithm.With thisExpand
Study of quartz temperature characteristics for precise oscillator applications
In this paper, we report on the study of quartz material characteristic variation with temperature for precision oscillator applications with a novel piezoelectric material precise characterizationExpand