Dong Xiaoshe

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Software licenses are valuable resources in the grid environment, and how to manage them efficiently has become an active topic of research for computational grid. This paper proposes an approach for organizing and managing software licenses in grid environment, based on which a grid-specific license manager of software sharing system is designed and(More)
This paper describes a script-based approach to automate the deployment of grid monitoring service component. Automated deployment service uses the information of dynamically joined nodes to deploy system component, which avoids the potential errors and inconvenience by manual deployment. Our system archives the status information of resources in MySQL and(More)
The dynamic change of users and resources would incur the overall inconsistency of the access policies between different domains in grid. This would have a bad effect on the grid operations, and compromise the grid system. To address the problem, this paper proposes an automated negotiation engine combining with the authorization mechanism. The engine can(More)
With the dynamic change of users and resources in different secure domains of Grid, the overall consistency of privileges defined would be broken. This would compromise Grid system and waste system overhead on dealing with the increasing grid jobs with invalid privileges. To address the problem, this paper proposes an authorization mechanism based on(More)
The unilateral dynamic change of access policy between different domains in the grid computing platforms would incur global inconsistent privileges. To address the problem, this paper proposes a new component named coordinated negotiation policy and introduces it into authorization mechanism in the grid system. Based on the policy repository stating how to(More)
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