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Biomarker-guided personalized therapies offer great promise to improve drug development and improve patient care, but also pose difficult challenges in designing clinical trials for the development and validation of these therapies. We first give a review of the existing approaches, briefly for clinical trials in new drug development and in more detail for(More)
The role of diet in the behavior of children has been controversial, but the association of several nutritional factors with childhood behavioral disorders has been continually suggested. We conducted a case-control study to identify dietary patterns associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The study included 192 elementary school(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed to evaluate the reproducibility and validity of the newly developed FFQ for the Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES) and to estimate the measure's calibration factors. DESIGN The 109-item FFQ was administered twice, approximately 9 months apart. We also collected four seasonal 3 d dietary records (DR) as a(More)
Accurate assessment of nutrient adequacy of a population should be based on usual intake distribution of that population. This study was conducted to adjust usual nutrient intake distributions of a single 24-hour recall in 2001 Korean National Health and Nutrition Surveys (KNHNS) in order to determine the magnitude of limitations inherent to a single(More)
BACKGROUND Acid-base imbalance has been reported to increase incidence of hypertension and diabetes. However, the association between diet-induced acid load and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk in the general population has not been fully investigated. METHODS This was a population-based, retrospectively registered cross-sectional study using nationally(More)
Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Spreng (ATRES) has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and asthma. In this study, we investigated the hair growth promoting activities of ATRES on telogenic C57BL6/N mice. Hair growth was significantly increased in the dorsal skin of ethanol extract of ATRES treated mouse group(More)
Sources of variation in nutrient intake have been examined for Western diets, but little is known about the sources of variation and their differences by age and sex among Koreans. We examined sources of variation in nutrient intake and calculated the number of days needed to estimate usual intake using 12 d of dietary records (DR). To this end, four 3 d DR(More)
Background: Because the developing brain of a child is vulnerable to environmental toxins, even very low concentration of neurotoxin can affect children's neurodevelopment. Lead is a neurotoxic heavy metal which has the harmful effect on the striatal-frontal circuit of brain. This area of the brain is known to be closely related to attention deficit(More)
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