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CONTEXT Visceral adipose tissue-derived serine protease inhibitor (vaspin) is a novel adipokine with insulin-sensitizing effects. However, the physiological role for vaspin in human metabolic regulation remains to be established. OBJECTIVE We studied the 24-h profiles of circulating vaspin concentrations in relation to meal ingestion in normal adults. (More)
Aloes have been widely used for a broad range of pharmacological activities, including parasitic problems. Avian coccidiosis is the most costly and wide-spread parasitic disease in the poultry industry, and has been mainly controlled by the use of chemotherapeutic agents. Due to the emergence of drug-resistant strains, alternative control strategies are(More)
A sensitive analytical method was developed for the quantitative determination of tetrodotoxin (TTX), a powerful sodium channel blocker, in human postmortem whole blood. The sample mixture was cleaned up using cation exchange SPE catridge after protein precipitation by methanol and then separated on a PC-HILIC (phosphorylcholine hydrophilic interaction(More)
Three new asterosaponins 1-3 and four known saponins 4-7 have been isolated from the starfish Asterias amurensis LÜTKEN. By means of high magnetic field 1D- and 2D-NMR ((1)H-(1)H correlation spectroscopy (COSY), total correlation spectroscopy (TOCSY), heteronuclear multiple quantum coherence (HMQC), heteronuclear single quantum coherence (HSQC),(More)
PURPOSE alpha-lipoic acid is an essential cofactor for mitochondrial respiratory enzymes that improves mitochondrial function. We previously reported that alpha-lipoic acid markedly reduced body weight gain in rodents. The purpose of this study was to determine whether alpha-lipoic acid reduces body weight in obese human subjects. METHODS in this(More)
BACKGROUND It is well known that chronic gastritis induced by Helicobacter pylori may be associated with hypochlorhydria and may also be accompanied by low levels of vitamin C in plasma and gastric juice in adults. This study investigates the relationship between H. pylori infection and vitamin C levels in the blood, plasma and gastric juice and the gastric(More)
Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Spreng (ATRES) has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of abdominal pain, diarrhea, and asthma. In this study, we investigated the hair growth promoting activities of ATRES on telogenic C57BL6/N mice. Hair growth was significantly increased in the dorsal skin of ethanol extract of ATRES treated mouse group(More)
The beta-glucans isolated from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S. cerevisiae) enhance the innate immune system, but there is little evidence for its antitumor activity. To examine the antitumor and immunostimulating activities of beta-glucan (IS-2) purified from mutated S. cerevisiae, we made an experiment on innate immune response against metastasis of cancer(More)
Biomarker-guided personalized therapies offer great promise to improve drug development and improve patient care, but also pose difficult challenges in designing clinical trials for the development and validation of these therapies. We first give a review of the existing approaches, briefly for clinical trials in new drug development and in more detail for(More)
Primary schwannomas of the urinary bladder are extremely rare. They arise from Schwann's cells in nerve sheaths and are often associated with von Recklinghausen's disease. In these cases, open partial cystectomy has been the choice of treatment. We performed laparoscopic partial cystectomy in a 35-year-old man who showed a 3.5-cm solid bladder mass on(More)