Dong Won Han

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A study was made of in vivo-generated polyethylene wear particles as separated from synovial fluid samples and from tissue samples surrounding total knee arthroplasty. A comparison of particle size and morphology between the two particle groups was made to assess any effects of selective tissue capture, and macrophage encapsulation and digestion. In(More)
In order to meet the demand of automation in high voltage transmission lines inspection and improve its precision, a remote distance inspection system is developed which is based on laser ranging and image processing technology. This system is used to detect the secure distance between transmission lines and object below it and scale of objects. Remote(More)
The multi-chart consists of several CUSUM or EWMA charts with different reference values that are used simultaneously to detect anticipated process changes. We not only prove that the chart can quickly achieve the asymptotic optimal bound, but also give an integral equation to determine the reference values to arrive at optimality. Simulation results are(More)
Heat pump system can save energy and installation cost and reduces CO2 emissions. In this study, a system identification of an air source heat pump system using R410A with a variable speed compressor was experimentally investigated under various ambient and indoor temperature and cooling or heating capacity. The experimental study was also performed under(More)
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