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The authors examined cultural and individual differences in the relation between daily events and daily satisfaction. In a preliminary study, they established cross-cultural equivalence of 50 daily events. In the main study, participants in the United States, Korea, and Japan completed daily surveys on the 50 events and daily satisfaction for 21 days. The(More)
In 3 studies, the authors found support for the value-congruence model that accounts for cultural variations in memory for emotional experiences. In Study 1, the authors found that in the made-in-the-U.S. scenario condition, European Americans were more accurate than were Asian Americans in their retrospective frequency judgments of emotions. However, in(More)
Robots have been used in various fields. In particular, interest in robots in business applications is increasing. This paper shows the design and development of a remote video conferencing robot so as to use this robot safely and conveniently by integrating separately conducted studies. We can connect to this robot at anytime anywhere using smart phone via(More)
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