Dong-Whan Shin

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OBJECTIVES The facial bones are the most noticeable area in the human body, and facial injuries can cause significant functional, aesthetic, and psychological complications. Continuous study of the patterns of facial bone fractures and changes in trends is helpful in the prevention and treatment of maxillofacial fractures. The purpose of the current(More)
Pain on the soft palate and pharynx can originate in several associated structures. Therefore, diagnosis of patients who complain of discomfort in these areas may be difficult and complicated. Pterygoid hamulus bursitis is a rare disease showing various symptoms in the palatal and pharyngeal regions. As such, it can be one of the reported causes of pain in(More)
PURPOSE Jacob's disease (JD) is an uncommon disorder that presents as pseudojoint formation between the enlarged mandibular coronoid process and the zygoma, resulting in mouth opening limitation (MOL). Intraosseous lipoma (IOL) usually presents in the long bone, but it is very rare in the mandible. The authors present a rare case of JD and coexisting IOL in(More)
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