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Zinc-finger recombinases (ZFRs) are chimaeric proteins comprising a serine recombinase catalytic domain linked to a zinc-finger DNA binding domain. ZFRs can be tailored to promote site-specific recombination at diverse 'Z-sites', which each comprise a central core sequence flanked by zinc-finger domain-binding motifs. Here, we show that purified ZFRs(More)
The existence of martingale selectors for a multivalued supermartin-gale with continuous parameter is proved.We also prove the weak regularity of multivalued supermartingales.Using the regularity of Banach-valued martingales,we show a multivalued supermartingale has a cadlag modiication under Kuratowski convergence. x1. Introduction Multivalued martingales(More)
In this paper we study multivalued martingales in continuous time. First we show that every multivalued martingales in continuous time can be represented as the closure of a sequence of martingale selections. Then we prove two results concerning the cadlag modiications of continuous time multivalued martingales in Kuratowski-Mosco convergence and in the(More)
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