Dong-Wei Huang

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Novice learners demonstrate marked difficulty in using reading-study systems to read academic textbooks. One notable problem is that the process and constructed knowledge is complex. Novice learners are required to exert considerable effort in applying the process and in remembering the knowledge, resulting in lower motivation and fewer cognitive resources(More)
Crater-like electrospinning is a novel and cost-effective method for the mass scale production of nanofibers. The gas channel in the polymer solution plays a key role to produce a bubble Taylor cone or a crater-like Taylor cone, which is the key to eject the thin fluid jets (finally solidified into nanofibers) in electrospinning process. However, the(More)
The mathematical model of population growth is based on logistic equation and BP neural network. The total population is predicted for the next 30 years through the use of Logistic modeling and generalization data. The dynamics of population growth is studied in non-linear dynamic, which pointed out that the problem is the issue of chaos. It is difficult to(More)
Cows infected with Escherichia (E.) coli usually experience severe clinical symptoms, including damage to mammary tissues, reduced milk yield, and altered milk composition. In order to investigate the host response to E. coli infection and discover novel markers for mastitis treatment, mammary tissue samples were collected from healthy cows and bovines with(More)
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