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Hansenula polymorpha ass3 mutants are characterized by the accumulation of inactive alcohol oxidase (AO) monomers in the cytosol, whereas other peroxisomal matrix proteins are normally activated and sorted to peroxisomes. These mutants also have a glutamate or aspartate requirement on minimal media. Cloning of the corresponding gene resulted in the(More)
Spoken term detection (STD) is a fundamental task for multimedia information retrieval. A major challenge faced by an STD system is the serious performance reduction when detecting out-of-vocabulary (OOV) terms. The difficulties arise not only from the absence of pronunciations for such terms in the system dictionaries, but from intrinsic uncertainty in(More)
As part of e-Science work being undertaken on several projects at the University of Portsmouth and Daresbury Laboratory, we are investigating and developing advanced Grid portals using a range of emerging portlet-based technologies and services. The OGSA Testbed project, led by the University of Portsmouth, has enabled us to evaluate the use technologies(More)
In this paper, an active RFID real time location system based on fingerprint algorithm was founded. Two typical scenarios were chosen including ideal environment and complex environment to test the performance of the location system. Certain parameters were considered while evaluate the performance of the location system. Finally, the result shows the(More)
New Internet applications are coming out at an unprecedented rate under the rapid development of Internet technologies, and the network platform of sci-tech papers published is exactly a result of the information technical development. This paper introduce a method of double-element which includes rigid mechanism-process control and soft mechanism-incentive(More)
Many developmental genes are regulated by FruA, a transcription factor essential for the development of Myxococus xamthus. Another protein, designated FruB, was purified from myxobacteria by its affinity to FruA. FruB could be phosphorylated by protein kinase(s) located in cell membrane. Gel shift assay showed that FruA regulates transcription of target(More)
Under the environment of service-driven property of network technology development, scientific papers published via network platform has become reality. With the development of platform, the academic quality of the papers on the platform become bottleneck, and “adverse selection” and “moral hazard” are the main reason which(More)
The organization of nucleoskeleton fibers and its relation to DNA organization in the interphase micronucleus of a ciliate (Stylonychia mytilus Muller) were investigated mainly by the macromolecular spreading procedure combined with electron microscopy. It was shown that the nucleoskeleton fibers are organized as a regular organization termed the(More)