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This paper addresses real-time precipitation forecasts from a multianalysis–multimodel superensemble. The methodology for the construction of the superensemble forecasts follows previous recent publications on this topic. This study includes forecasts from multimodels of a number of global operational centers. A multianalysis component based on the Florida(More)
A Bayesian model-based clustering approach is proposed for identifying differentially expressed genes in meta-analysis. A Bayesian hierarchical model is used as a scientific tool for combining information from different studies, and a mixture prior is used to separate differentially expressed genes from non-differentially expressed genes. Posterior(More)
abstract. — Ranging measurements produced by the Deep Space Network (DSN) are used for determining spacecraft (S/C) position. For the past 40 years, two-way ranging measurements , where a single station performs uplinks and downlinks, have been contributing to accurate deep-space navigation. The performance of ranging measurement has been steadily improving(More)