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In this study, we assessed airborne endotoxin levels in university laboratories, hospital diagnostic laboratories, and a biowaste site. We also investigated indoor and outdoor sampling, sampling site, type of ventilation system, presence of open biowaste boxes, weather, and detection of Gram-negative bacteria (GNB). A total of 69 air samples were collected(More)
To evaluate lead exposure among secondary lead-smelting workers with a focus on erythrocyte pyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase (P5N) activity, blood lead concentration (PbB), activity of P5N and other biological variables were examined in 88 exposed workers in five secondary lead smelters and in 24 non-exposed workers in Korea. All of the mean values of air lead(More)
AIMS To evaluate concentrations of airborne bacteria in university laboratories, hospital diagnostic laboratories, and a biowaste site in Seoul, Korea. To measure total airborne bacteria (TAB), the authors assessed sampling site, type of ventilation system, weather and detection of Gram-negative bacteria (GNB), indoors and outdoors. METHOD An Andersen(More)
A total of 221 patients were evaluated to be humidifier disinfectant associated with lung injury (HDLI) through two rounds of programs through April 2015. The humidifier disinfectant (HD) brands most often associated with HDLI were found to be Oxy (n=151, 68 %) and Cefu (n=26, 17 %). Polyhexamethylene guanidine used for disinfectant for four types of HD(More)
We recently established a novel disease entity presented as progressive respiratory failure associated with the inhalation of humidifier disinfectants. In April 2011, we encountered a series of peripartum patients with complaints of respiratory distress of unknown etiology, which was an uncommon phenomenon. Accordingly, we created a multidisciplinary team(More)
This study evaluated the variation over a year in airborne endotoxin levels in the indoor environment of five university laboratories in Seoul, South Korea, and examined the micro-environmental factors that influenced endotoxin levels. These included temperature, relative humidity, CO2, CO, illumination, and wind velocity. A total of 174 air samples were(More)
We characterize the monthly variation in (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan concentration measured over the course of 1 year, and we evaluate the characteristics of size selection using a two-stage cyclone sampler. The (1 → 3)-β-D-glucan concentrations were measured in four bio-related laboratories. A total of 156 samples were collected using a new two-stage cyclone(More)
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