Dong To Nguyen

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In this paper, a network-based humanoid architecture (NBHA) is proposed. NBHA is a distributed architecture that based on multi-agent technology to provide a systematic method for developing humanoid software system, external services and coordinating them in an effective manner. Behaviors of these humanoids and their surrounding network environment can be(More)
Humanoids have a large set of basis behaviors and could perform various tasks. Controlling a humanoid with many degrees of freedom and behaviors consumes a lot of resources. By exploring the external service servers on the network, the ability of a humanoid is extendable beyond its resource constrains. This system is named network-based humanoid. In this(More)
In this paper, an offline service discovery method is proposed with an interaction framework of humans, robots, and environments. It creates a dynamic robot control system with flexible and uncomplicated configuration. A number of experiments have been conducted successfully. The experiments show that this framework works well and provides some advantages(More)
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