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AIM To investigate the mechanisms underlying the inhibitory effect of gambogic acid (GA) on TNF-α-induced metastasis of human prostate cancer PC3 cells in vitro. METHODS TNF-α-mediated migration and invasion of PC3 cells was examined using migration and invasion assays, respectively. NF-κB transcriptional activity and nuclear translocation were analyzed(More)
The Solaris 10 operating system includes a number of new features for predictive self-healing. One such feature is the ability of the fault management software to diagnose memory errors and drive automatic memory page retirement (MPR), intended to reduce the negative impact of permanent memory faults that generate either correctable or uncorrectable errors(More)
In a Markov dependability model, failure rates tend to be very small and recovery rates tend to be much larger. Stiffness means the technical difficulty in model solution caused by the difference between the largest and the smallest parameters in the model. 2 The exponential distribution is typically assumed in the model evaluation. Summary & Conclusions(More)