Dong-Suk Lee

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Recently, novel hybrid thiol peroxidase (TPx) proteins fused with a glutaredoxin (Grx) were found from some pathogenic bacteria, cyanobacteria, and anaerobic sulfur-oxidizing phototroph. The phylogenic tree analysis that was constructed from the aligned sequences showed two major branches. Haemophilus influenzae TPx.Grx was grouped in one branch as a 1-Cys(More)
Microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH) is a high-resolution and comprehensive method for detecting both genome-wide and chromosome-specific copy-number imbalance. We have developed an array CGH analysis system (consisting of an array CGH chip plus its exclusive analysis software) for constitutional genetic diagnosis and have(More)
This study was aimed at developing a predictive model for assessing the breast cancer risk of Korean women under the assumption of differences in the risk factors between Westerners and Koreans. The cohort comprised 384 breast cancer patients and 2 control groups: one comprising 166 hospitalized patients and the other comprising 104 nurses and teachers. Two(More)
Effects of elevated CO2 concentration ([CO2]) and air temperature (Tair) on accumulation and intra-plant partitioning of dry matter (DM) and nitrogen in paddy rice were investigated by performing a pot experiment in six natural sunlit temperature gradient chambers (TGCs) with or without CO2 fumigation. Rice (Oryza sativa L.) plants were grown in TGCs for a(More)
The objective of this study was to identify the main risk factors for gastric cancer in Koreans through the development of a predictive model by multivariate logistic regression analysis that could aid the development of specific guidelines for early detection. We conducted a case control study to identify the risk factors for gastric cancer. The cohorts(More)
In this study, we investigated whether vitrification of an embryo by attachment to the inner surface of a plastic straw, which requires a small volume of vitrification solution, improves the survival of thawed embryos. In vitro-produced Korean native cattle blastocysts were randomly assigned into four groups: (1) blastocysts attached to the inner surface of(More)
A 12b 2MS/s cyclic ADC achieves low power consumption with a single-ended rail-to-rail input signal range of 3.3Vp-p. The proposed voltage reference scheme directly employing power supply voltages implements an offset voltage less than 1mV without well-known calibration and trimming techniques. The prototype ADC in a 0.18mm CMOS technology demonstrates the(More)
When synthetic fertilizer is co-applied with composted manure (compost), the high urease activity of compost may stimulate urea hydrolysis, thus increasing NH3 volatilization when urea is co-applied as a synthetic fertilizer. In this study, the interactive effects of compost type (low vs. high urease activity, referred to as CL and CH, respectively) and(More)