Dong Su Yoo

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Problems related to tremendous volume changes associated with cycling and the low electron conductivity and ion diffusivity of Si represent major obstacles to its use in high-capacity anodes for lithium ion batteries. We have developed a group IVA based nanotube heterostructure array, consisting of a high-capacity Si inner layer and a highly conductive Ge(More)
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) is a birth defect of the diaphragm resulting in pulmonary sequelae that threaten the lives of infants. In computed tomography (CT) images of a 17th century middle-aged male mummy (the Andong mummy), we observed that the abdominal contents had protruded into the right thoracic cavity through the diaphragmatic defect,(More)
Ab initio calculations were performed on a fully epitaxial bcc Co (001)/rock salt MgO (001)/bcc Co (001) magnetic tunnel junction system for two cases where the magnetization is parallel to bcc Co [100] and to bcc Co [110]. Structural optimization reveals that the two cases are equivalent systems and that the Co electrodes contract in the z-direction(More)
The effect of chloride-substitution on bioactivity and osteoconductivity of hydroxyapatite (OHAp) was newly investigated. Chloride-substituted hydroxyapatites (ClAp) with low and high chloride concentrations were synthesized by reacting Ca(OH)2 and H3 PO4 with NH4 Cl of low and high concentrations, with subsequent sintering. As a control, pure OHAp was(More)
Based on first-principles plane wave calculations, it was shown that boron substituted graphene with Ti metal atom adsorption can be used as a high capacity hydrogen storage material. Boron substitution in graphene enhances the Ti metal adsorption energy, which is much larger than that in the case of pure graphene, and than the Ti cohesive energy. The Ti(More)
Using the density-functional-theory-based atomic modeling, the stable interface structure and the resultant magnetocrystalline anisotropy (MCA) of the Fe/MgO(001) for magnetic random access memory have been studied. The most stable surface structure of Fe/MgO(001) thin-film system was found to be either defect free or possessing oxygen vacancies in a c(2(More)
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