Dong Su Lee

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We address the quantum Hall behavior in twisted bilayer graphene transferred from the C face of SiC. The measured Hall conductivity exhibits the same plateau values as for a commensurate Bernal bilayer. This implies that the eightfold degeneracy of the zero energy mode is topologically protected despite rotational disorder as recently predicted. In(More)
Scalable video coding (SVC) is a new video coding format which provides scalability in three dimensional (SNR-spatio-temporal) space. In this paper, we focus on the adaptation in SNR dimension. Usually, a SVC bitstream may contain multiple spatial layers, and each spatial layer may be enhanced by up to 3 FGS layers. To meet a bitrate constraint, the FGS(More)
Porous materials have historically been of interest for a wide range of applications in thermal management, for example, in heat exchangers and thermal barriers. Rapid progress in electronic and optoelectronic technology necessitates more efficient spreading and dissipation of the heat generated in these devices, calling for the development of new thermal(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM This study aimed to identify the functional neuroanatomical correlates of impaired clock drawing test (CDT) performance in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD). METHOD The CDT was administered to 71 patients with AD, and regional cerebral glucose metabolism (rCMglc) was measured by positron emission tomography (PET). Correlations between(More)
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