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Due to the benefits of reusability and productivity, component-based approach has become the primary technology in service robot system development. However, because component developer cannot foresee the integration and operating condition of the components, they cannot provide appropriate fault tolerance function, which is crucial for commercial success(More)
Passive millimeter wave imaging has the capability of detecting concealed objects under clothing. However, the image quality is often degraded due to low spatial resolution and low signal level. This paper addresses passive millimeter wave imaging and registration and fusion of a passive millimeter and a visual image in order to visualize human subject's(More)
Passive millimeter wave (MMW) imaging can create interpretable imagery of objects concealed under clothing. Unfortunately, low signal to noise ratio and low temperature resolution make automatic analysis of passive MMW images difficult. In this paper, we analyze passive MMW images generated by 8 mm regime MMW. The imaging system is composed of two channels:(More)
—Passive millimeter (MMW) imaging can penetrate clothing to create interpretable imagery of concealed objects. However, the image quality is often restricted by low signal to noise ratio and temperature contrast as well as low spatial resolution. In this paper, we explore a four-channel passive MMW imaging system operating in the 8 and 3 mm wavelength(More)
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