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There is a huge amount of duplicated or redundant data in current storage systems. So data de-duplication, which uses lossless data compression schemes to minimize the duplicated data at the inter-file level, has been receiving broad attention in recent years. But there are still research challenges in current approaches and storage systems, such as: how to(More)
Economy globalization and the development of information technology have intensified competition among modern companies, while customer relationship has became an important resource for building up core competence. Customer Relationship Management(CRM), as a new idea, technology and strategy, provides an all-around guidance and support for business to(More)
As a new mode of governance, e-government is a challenge to the traditional government management. The E-government is a deep change to the traditional management model by using modern network technology and information technology. It not only means the further disclosure and transparent of governmental management, but also means the change of traditional(More)
As semiconductor technology scales into the nanometer regime, intermittent faults have become an increasing threat. This paper focuses on the effects of intermittent faults on NET versus REG on one hand and the implications for dependability strategy on the other. First, the vulnerability characteristics of representative units in OpenSPARC T2 are revealed,(More)
ERP project post evaluation EAIU (Evaluate Analyze Improve Upgrade) cycling model were demonstrated in this thesis. ERP project success degree evaluation system was designed. The result of ERP project success degree evaluation could be obtained through Delphi weight establishment method and comprehensive multi-level fuzzy evaluation. Second, data(More)
Content aware storage (CAS) is a model of storage facility. In this paper, we present a prototype of CAS area network system implemented at Tsinghua University in China (THCASN) compliant to the OSD T-10 standard. Experimental results of performance comparing THCASN with NFS and iSCSI storage are described. The experimental results demonstrate the(More)
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