Dong Sheng Liu

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River estuaries are connectors of terrestrial and marine ecosystems. Riverine particulate organic carbon (POC) is discharged into oceans after a series of biogeochemical reactions in estuaries. Satellite monitoring of POC will improve our understanding of the carbon dynamics of these water bodies. Based on in situ data from four seasonal survey cruises, we(More)
This paper introduces a new algorithm to detect aerosols and clouds based on micropulse lidar measurements. A semidiscretization processing technique is first used to inhibit the impact of increasing noise with distance. The value distribution equalization method which reduces the magnitude of signal variations with distance is then introduced. Combined(More)
The relationship between brain function and syndrome-types of TCM in 51 patients with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) was observed. The syndromes were divided into three types. (1) Yin Deficiency with internal excessive Heat (YDIEH), 15 cases; (2) Qi-Yin Deficiency (QYD), 21 cases; (3) Deficiency of both Yin and Yang (DYY), 15 cases. The(More)
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