Dong Sheng Liu

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Activities such as copying, pasting and modifying codes usually lead to a lot of code clones in the software systems. These code clones have a great impact on software development and maintenance. This paper presents a new clone detection approach. That is to uses a algorithm based on suffix array to efficiently search repeated token substrings and finally(More)
To detect plagiarism on programming course, the plagiarism detection method based on Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) is proposed. First, we parse source codes into the corresponding AST by syntax analyzer and a biology sequence matching algorithm is used to calculate the similarities of programs. Second, the AST features of similar parts of the programs are(More)
The digital ecosystem (DE) paradigm is a holistic management/design/integration approach that is based on the notion of self-interested, self-managing, proactive and autonomous digital entities that evolve and self-organize. While a DE can be realized using different technologies (e.g. P2P, multi-agent system) service-orientation (SO) is particularly well(More)
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