Dong Seok Seo

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Endocrine factors, such as steroid hormones and growth factors, regulate egg productivity in terms of the quantity of egg production, egg weight, sexual maturity, and the number of small yellow follicles (SYF). Insulin-like growth factors (IGF) are involved in the regulation of ovulation rate and ovarian follicular development in chickens, and a(More)
OBJECTIVES Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (TSP) is used in processed meat products, as an emulsifier in cheese, and as a color preservative in soybean paste. However, little is known about its toxicity. This study was conducted to investigate the potential acute and repeated dose toxicity of TSP in Spraque Dawley (SD) rats. METHODS In the acute study, animals(More)
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I is a polypeptide that mediates the growth-promoting action of growth hormone in postnatal animals. The present study was conducted to examine whether orally administered IGF-I would be absorbed into the general circulation and also whether ingested IGF-I would enhance the growth of whole body as well as internal organs,(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to evaluate the effects of electroacupuncture on sphincter of Oddi (SO) motility in humans and to associate the manometric findings with cholecystokinin (CCK) plasma levels. METHODS Eleven patients (M:F = 5:6) with various kinds of biliary disorders were enrolled. SO motility was monitored with conventional(More)
Insulin-like growth factors (IGF) act as regulators that modulate proliferation and differentiation of various cells. Also, IGF are involved in metabolism and body growth by regulating the synthesis and degradation of glycogen and proteins in animals. However, the effect of IGF system on body growth in poultry including Korean Native Ogol chickens (KNOC)(More)
In this work, nanostructured HA ceramics with dense microstructure were prepared by microwave sintering process and their microstructures were compared with the case of conventional sintering. Commercially obtained HA powder with Ca/P molar ratio of 1.67 was used as a starting material. The powder of granular type consists of nanocrystalline particles of(More)
We have been interested in human teeth which consist of hydroxyapatite (HA), but do not degrade for a long time. In order to overcome dissolution and mechanical degradation of man-made HA, biologically derived hydroxyapatite (BHA) ceramics were prepared from human teeth and their dissolving behavior was investigated in distilled water for 3–14 days and(More)
Networking and density of silver particles is a great importance to obtain low electrical resistivity of silver paste. In order to improve packing density, interconnectivity and conductivity at low sintering temperature, silver paste was prepared from bimodal silver particles, i.e., consisting of micro- and nano-sized particles. In order to fit nano-Ag(More)
Insulin-like Growth Factors (IGFs) and IGF-binding protein act as intra-ovarian regulators that modulate the proliferation and differentiation of the granulosa and theca cells. Moreover, the IGF system is involved in metabolism by modulating the synthesis and degradation of glycogen and protein in animals. However the effect of the IGF system on egg(More)
Hydroxyapatite (HA) is widely used as a bioactive ceramics as it forms a chemical bond with bone. However, the drawback to using this material is its inferior mechanical properties. In this research, surface corrosion and disintegration of nanoscaled HA in a dog were studied, and the mechanism by which phase-pure HA dissolved in vivo was investigated.(More)