Dong Sang Seo

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We experimentally demonstrate repetitive M-ary spectral phase pulse shaping by placing a programmable pulse shaper driven by a 10-GHz source in a closed loop. This permits generation of encoded and decoded signals in the same apparatus by forming a closed loop to circulate a part of the output back into the pulse shaper. As a result, a series of M - 1(More)
Column chromatographic separation of the roots of cultivated-wild ginseng (Jangnoisam) led to the isolation of seven polyacetylenes (1-7). Their structures were determined by spectroscopic methods to be panaxynol (1), ginsenoyne-A (2), panaxydol (3), 10-methoxy heptadeca-1-ene-4, 6-dyne-3, 9-diol (4) (3R, 9R, 10R)-panaxytriol (5), panaxyne (6), and(More)
One of the important parts of the infrared seeker is the counter countermeasure part. Seeking in a field of view with the existence of jammers is not simple and needs effective algorithms. In this paper, several methods of the detection in a crossed array trachers (CAT) seeker will be designed, simulated and evaluated. These methods depend on detecting the(More)
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