Dong Qiu

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Modern database applications are among the most widely used and complex software systems. They constantly evolve, responding to changes to data, database schemas, and code. It is challenging to manage these changes and ensure that everything co-evolves consistently. For example, when a database schema is modified, all the code that interacts with the(More)
In this note, we show by counterexamples that some results of Qiu and colleagues [On the restudy of fuzzy complex analysis: Part I. The sequence and series of fuzzy complex numbers and their convergences, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 115 (2000) 445–450; On the restudy of fuzzy complex analysis: Part II. The continuity and differentiation of fuzzy complex(More)
1 In this paper, we give the correlation and difference between M-convex fuzzy process and SLW-convex fuzzy process, and present some basic properties of these convex fuzzy processes, which improve some known results about the connection between those convex fuzzy processes and their graphs. In addition, we introduce a new notion of s-convex fuzzy process(More)