Dong Qiu

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Modern database applications are among the most widely used and complex software systems. They constantly evolve, responding to changes to data, database schemas, and code. It is challenging to manage these changes and ensure that everything co-evolves consistently. For example, when a database schema is modified, all the code that interacts with the(More)
Many existing exoskeletons have followed a similar design approach: a rigid kinematic chain is actuated to mobilize a human wearer. However, in a clinical setting for rehabilitation where one exoskeleton is shared by multiple patients, it will be difficult to guarantee on-site adjustments can make the rigid exoskeleton fit each patient kinematically(More)
Most existing exoskeletons have followed a similar design approach using articulated rigid links, despite the applications of strength augmentation or rehabilitation, which may have very different specifications. In order to address the urge for ergonomics in wearable assistive exoskeletons for rehabilitation, this paper proposed a design alternative using(More)
Services are highly reusable, flexible and loosely coupled, which makes the evolution and the maintenance of composite services more complex. Evolution of BPEL composite service covers changes of processes, bindings and interfaces. In this paper, an approach is proposed to select and generate test cases during the evolution of BPEL composite service. The(More)
In this note, we show by counterexamples that some results of Qiu and colleagues [On the restudy of fuzzy complex analysis: Part I. The sequence and series of fuzzy complex numbers and their convergences, Fuzzy Sets and Systems 115 (2000) 445–450; On the restudy of fuzzy complex analysis: Part II. The continuity and differentiation of fuzzy complex(More)