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Compressed Sensing, an emerging framework for signal processing, can be used in image and video application, especially when available resources at the transmitter side are limited, such as Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks. For a low-cost and low-power demand, we consider the plain compressive sampling and low sampling rates and propose a Compressed(More)
This paper introduces a method of using the Gabor wavelet characters to track an object. Characters with Gabor wavelet characters vector describing the object's edge characters are distilled. The LM algorithm is adopted when the count energy function is minimised. The object of the sequence image is matched with the image character template composed of(More)
—Contraposing to the features of image data with high sparsity of and the problems on determination of clustering numbers, we try to put forward an color image segmentation algorithm, combined with semi-supervised machine learning technology and spectral graph theory. By the research of related theories and methods of spectral clustering algorithms, we(More)
In this paper, we analyze moments of instantaneous signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) in a multichannel relay system with subchannel pairing (SP) over Rayleigh fading environments. With aid of order statistics, new unified expressions of moments of the SNR are derived in closed-form for three SP cases, i.e., ordered subchannel pairing (OSP), reversely ordered(More)
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