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ITS non-concerted evolution and rampant hybridization in the legume genus Lespedeza (Fabaceae)
The internal transcribed spacer (ITS) as one part of nuclear ribosomal DNA is one of the most extensively sequenced molecular markers in plant systematics. The ITS repeats generally exhibitExpand
Plastid genome evolution in tribe Desmodieae (Fabaceae: Papilionoideae)
Recent plastid genome (plastome) studies of legumes (family Fabaceae) have shown that this family has undergone multiple atypical plastome evolutions from each of the major clades. The tribeExpand
Complete chloroplast genome of Fagus multinervis, a beech species endemic to Ulleung Island in South Korea
Abstract We used next-generation sequencing to determine the complete chloroplast genome of Fagus multinervis (Fagaceae), a beech endemic to Ulleung Island in South Korea. This genome is 158,348 bpExpand
Floristic study of Mt. Namdeogyu
ABSTRACT : We investigated the flora of Mt. Namdeogyu, southern regions of Deogyusan National Park, fromApril of 2011 to September of 2012. The number of vascular plants in this area were summarizedExpand
Phylogeography of East Asian Lespedeza buergeri (Fabaceae) based on chloroplast and nuclear ribosomal DNA sequence variations
The dynamic changes in land configuration during the Quaternary that were accompanied by climatic oscillations have significantly influenced the current distribution and genetic structure ofExpand
Taxonomic study on infraspecific taxa of Lespedeza maximowiczii and hybrids with related species
Many infraspecific taxa within Lespedeza maximowiczii and hybrids with related species have been described, but taxonomic verification remains controversial. We examined the morphological traits ofExpand
A new distribution of Dalbergia hupeana Hance (Fabaceae) in Korea and its taxonomic characteristics
목포시 유달산에서 발견된 황단나무(Dalbergia hupeana)의 신분포를 보고한다. 본 종은 중국에만 분포하는 것으로 알려져 있었으나 이번 연구를 통해서 한반도에도 자라는 것이 확인되었다. 종의 동정은 형태 형질과 DNA 염기서열을 통해 확인하였다. 황단나무속(Genus Dalbergia) 또한 한국산으로 처음 보고되는데, 다른 한국산 콩과Expand
Historical migration and taxonomic entity of Korean endemic shrub Lespedeza maritima (Fabaceae) based on microsatellite loci
Abstract Various plant species are endemic to the Korean Peninsula, but their evolutionary divergence and establishment are poorly understood. One of these, Lespedeza maritima, has been proposed asExpand
The complete plastid genome of Rhamnus taquetii, an endemic shrub on the Jeju Island of Korea
Abstract Rhamnus taquetii (family Rhamnaceae) is a shrub , endemic to Korea. Here, the R. taquetii plastid genome was found to be 161,205 bp long and consists of quadripartite structures; a largeExpand