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Traditional approaches to transmit information reliably over an error-prone network employ either Forward Error Correction (FEC) or retransmission techniques. In this paper we propose some network coding schemes to reduce the number of broadcast transmissions from one sender to multiple receivers. The main idea is to allow the sender to combine and(More)
In this paper we focus on the connection between age and language use, exploring age prediction of Twitter users based on their tweets. We discuss the construction of a fine-grained annotation effort to assign ages and life stages to Twitter users. Using this dataset, we explore age prediction in three different ways: classifying users into age categories,(More)
In this study, we describe a conversational agent designed to support collaborative learning interactions between pairs of students. We describe a study in which we independently manipulate the social capability and goal alignment of the agent in order to investigate the impact on student learning outcomes and student perceptions. Our results show a(More)
Multilingual speakers switch between languages in online and spoken communication. Analyses of large scale multilingual data require automatic language identification at the word level. For our experiments with multilingual online discussions, we first tag the language of individual words using language models and dictionaries. Secondly, we incorporate(More)
There is a growing interest in automatically predicting the gender and age of authors from texts. However, most research so far ignores that language use is related to the social identity of speakers, which may be different from their biological identity. In this paper, we combine insights from sociolinguistics with data collected through an online game, to(More)
While the study of the connection between discourse patterns and personal identification is decades old, the study of these patterns using language technologies is relatively recent. In that more recent tradition we frame author age prediction from text as a regression problem. We explore the same task using three very different genres of data(More)
In this paper we investigate the connection between language and community membership of long time community participants through computational modeling techniques. We report on findings from an analysis of language usage within a popular online discussion forum with participation of thousands of users spanning multiple years. We find community norms of(More)