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Quercetin protects rat liver against lead-induced oxidative stress and apoptosis.
Ursolic acid attenuates D-galactose-induced inflammatory response in mouse prefrontal cortex through inhibiting AGEs/RAGE/NF-κB pathway activation.
Ursolic acid administration significantly improved behavioral performance of D-gal-treated mice in step-through test and Morris water maze task and significantly decreased AGEs induced the expression of receptor for advanced glycation end products and inhibited NF-κB p65 nuclear translocation in the prefrontal cortex of D -gal- treated mice.
Purple Sweet Potato Color Alleviates D‐galactose‐induced Brain Aging in Old Mice by Promoting Survival of Neurons via PI3K Pathway and Inhibiting Cytochrome C‐mediated Apoptosis
It was demonstrated that phosphoinositide 3‐kinase (PI3K) activation was required for PSPC to promote the neuronal survival accompanied with phosphorylation and activation of Akt and p44/42 mitogen‐activated protein kinase (MAPK) by using PI3K inhibitor LY294002 by using a neuronal survival mechanism.
Dynamic conformational changes of extracellular S5–P linkers in the hERG channel
It is proposed that the four S5–P linkers in a hERG channel can engage in dynamic conformational changes during channel gating, and interactions between S5-P linker from neighbouring subunits contribute importantly to channel inactivation.