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The efficient query processing for complex spatial objects is one of most challenging requirements in many non-traditional applications such as geographic information systems, computer-aided design and multimedia databases. The performance of spatial query processing can be improved by decomposing a complex object into a small number of simple components.(More)
—The purpose of this study is to examine the factors influencing performance of software companies. This model tests various theoretical research hypotheses related to innovation, standardization and technology marketing strategy and software type. Smart PLS (Partial Least Square) 2.0 and SPSS 15.0 have been utilized for deriving the study results. The(More)
Over the past decade, we have witnessed a proliferation of data warehouse. This study empirically examined the effects of thirteen factors on the extent of data warehouse implementation. Several hypotheses were set up to identify the relationships among these variables. And the survey instrument(questionnaire) was developed to collect data. Ultimately 183(More)
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