Dong Lijing

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Voronoi diagrams based localization scheme (VBLS) is a widely used algorithm among computational-geometry based localization algorithms. However, due to the fact that VBLS employs received signal strength indication (RSSI) as basis for measuring distance and the large errors of RSSI technique, the localization precision of VBLS is negatively affected. To(More)
In this paper, T-S fuzzy fault tree is applied to analyze the reliability of satellite attitude control system. T-S fuzzy fault tree analysis is discussed, and the basic events are described by Gaussian-Trapezoid membership functions. Then a T-S fuzzy fault tree is established for a satellite attitude control system. Based on known failure rates of the(More)
In this paper, a class of tracking problem for multi-agent systems with both switching topology and time varying delays is investigated. Specially, we consider the agents' distribution, which agents are randomly deployed into the 2-dimensional space. With the assistance of Voronoi diagrams, this space is divided into many Voronoi cells. During the pursuit(More)
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