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Design, Development and Implementation of a Smartphone Overdependence Management System for the Self-Control of Smart Devices
Background: Smartphone overdependence is a type of mental disorder that requires continuous treatment for cure and prevention. A smartphone overdependence management system that is based onExpand
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Double inversion recovery imaging improves the evaluation of gray matter volume losses in patients with Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment
Our goal was to investigate whether three-dimensional (3D) double inversion recovery (DIR) images can show alterations of gray matter volume (GMV) between Alzheimer’s disease (AD) patients andExpand
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Heavy Rain Types for Triggering Shallow Landslides in South Korea
Kim, Suk-Woo; Chun, Kun-Woo; Otsuki, Kyoichi; Shinohara, Yoshinori; Kim, Man–Il; Kim, Min–Seok; Lee, Dong–Kyun; Seo, Jung–Il; Choi, Byoung–Koo.February, 2015.Heavy rain types for triggering shallowExpand
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The OAuth 2.0 Web Authorization Protocol for the Internet Addiction Bioinformatics (IABio) Database
The proposed IA Bioinformatics (IABio) database system is based on internet user authentication, which is a guideline for medical information standards, and uses OAuth 2.0 for access control technology. Expand
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Design and fabrication of multilayer actuator using floating electrode
Abstract PZT (lead zirconate titanate) multilayer actuators were of interest due to their small volume, fast response, low power consumption and low driving voltage. But this multilayer actuator hadExpand
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Lens actuation module
It is a lens actuation module described for adjusting focus and optical zoom. The lens actuation module comprises a rod which is arranged on one side of a lens barrel to which a lens is mounted atExpand
Piezoelectric actuator with elliptical motions
The actuator 1 generates elliptical motion using a combination of longitudinal and flexural vibrations. It includes a piezoelectric element, first to third side electrodes, and a power transmissionExpand
The Effects of Longitudinal White Matter Hyperintensity Change on Cognitive Decline and Cortical Thinning over Three Years
White matter hyperintensity (WMH) has been recognised as a surrogate marker of small vessel disease and is associated with cognitive impairment. We investigated the dynamic change in WMH in patientsExpand