Dong Ki Nam

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The human MLL (mixed-lineage leukemia or myeloid-lymphoid leukemia) gene belongs to the trithorax gene family of which the Drosophila trithorax (trx) gene is known to regulate homeotic genes through alternative RNA splicing. To test if such a splicing mechanism also operates in MLL, we evaluated mRNA transcripts from a large number of normal and malignant(More)
Rearrangement of the MLL (myeloid-lymphoid or mixed-lineage leukemia) gene through a reciprocal chromosomal translocation is found in 5% of adult acute myeloid (AML) and 10% of pediatric acute lymphoid (ALL) leukemia. More than 25 different reciprocal chromosomal translocations, with an 11q23 breakpoint, fuse the MLL gene (also named ALL-1, HRX and Htrx1)(More)
Endoscopic injection sclerotherapy has been accepted as the procedure of choice for patients with variceal hemorrhage. To evaluate the efficiency of endoscopic injection sclerotherapy in patients with bleeding esophageal varices, we did a retrospective study of 52 patients (non-sclerotherapy group) with bleeding esophageal varices who were admitted to(More)
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