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Redd1 (known as RTP801/Dig2/DDIT4) is a stress-induced protein, and it is known to be regulated in response to some stresses including hypoxia and oxidative stress. In the present study, we investigated the time-dependent changes in Redd1 immunoreactivity and its protein levels in the gerbil hippocampus proper (CA1-3 regions) after 5 min of transient global(More)
Ginseng berry possesses higher ginsenoside content than its root, which has been traditionally used in herbal medicine for many human diseases, including atherosclerosis. We here examined the antiatherogenic effects of the Korean ginseng berry extract (KGBE) and investigated its underlying mechanism of action in vitro and in vivo. Administration of KGBE(More)
Instillation of highly soluble nanoparticles (NPs) into the lungs of rodents can cause acute eosinophilia without any previous sensitizations by the role of dissolved ions. However, whether gradually dissolving NPs can cause the same type of eosinophilia remains to be elucidated. We selected nickel oxide (NiO) as a gradually dissolving NP and evaluated the(More)
This paper presents a frequency synthesizer using low voltage active inductor VCO(Voltage Controlled Oscillator). The low voltage active inductor VCO with feedback resistor increases the quality-factor(Q) and its equivalent inductance. Under certain conditions, the low voltage active inductor with feedback resistor generates a negative resistance at the(More)
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