Dong Kee Jeong

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BACKGROUND Human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC) have been isolated and characterized extensively for a variety of clinical applications. Yet it is unclear how the phenomenon of hMSC plasticity can be safely and reasonably exploited for therapeutic use. METHODS We have generated mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) from normal human BM and identified a novel cell(More)
Primordial germ cells (PGCs) from stage 27 (5.5-day-old) Korean native ogol chicken embryonic germinal ridges were cultured in vitro for 5 days. As in in vivo culture, these cultured PGCs were expected to have already passed beyond the migration stage. Approximately 200 of these PGCs were transferred into 2.5-day-old white leghorn embryonic blood stream,(More)
We previously reported that germline chimeras could be produced by transfer of chicken gonadal primordial germ cells (gPGCs) cultured for a short term (5 days). This study was subsequently undertaken to examine whether gPGCs maintained in vitro for an extended period could retain their specific characteristics to induce germline transmission. Chicken (White(More)
In the avian species, germline chimera production could be possible by transfer of donor germ cells into the blood vessel of recipient embryos. This study was conducted to establish an efficient transfer system of chicken gonadal primordial germ cells (gPGCs) for producing the chimeras having a high capacity of germline transmission. Gonadal PGCs retrieved(More)
RNA-seq is being rapidly adopted for the profiling of the transcriptomes in different areas of biology, especially in the studies related to gene regulation. The discovery of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) between adult animals of Jeju Native Pig (JNP) and Berkshire breeds of Sus scrofa, is of particular interest for the current study. For the better(More)
Membrane technology has revolutionized the dairy sector. Different types of membranes are used in the industry for various purposes like extending the shelf life of milk without exposure to heat treatment, standardization of the major components of milk for tailoring new products as well increasing yield and quality of the dairy products, and concentrating,(More)
BACKGROUND Healing of articular cartilage has remained in question with the use of conventional treatment modalities such as subchondral drilling and microfracture. As demonstrated in the past, adult stem cells retain promising clonogenicity. Therefore, we conducted this study to elucidate the effects of cultured autologous chondrogenic satellite cells(More)
The present investigation was carried out to study the prevalence of mastitis in 136 Holstein cows from a subtropical province of South Korea. Out of 527 milk samples studied, 22.6 % were found positive for mastitis. On animal level, prevalence was estimated at 55.2 %. Late lactating cows were at higher risk for mastitis development as compared to those in(More)
Electroporation is a common method of DNA transfection for many types of eukaryotic cells, but has not been attempted in avian primordial germ cells (PGCs). DNA uptake in chicken primordial germ cells (PGCs) was tested using electroporation with and without dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO). Gonadal tissue and chicken embryonic fibroblasts (CEFs) were isolated from(More)
The nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) and interleukin-6 (IL-6) contribute to multidrug resistance (MDR) in tumor chemotherapy. The essential phenomenon of oncogenic activation of NF-κB in cancer-initiating cells showing MDR resulting from increased IL-6 expression is still unclear. Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been the objective of intensive study. The aim of this(More)