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Disability questionnaires are used for clinical assessment, outcome measurement, and research methodology. Any disability measurement must be adapted culturally for comparability of data, when the patients, who are measured, use different languages. This study aimed to conduct cross-cultural adaptation in translating the original (English) version of the(More)
The very first step for keeping good dental hygiene is to employ the correct toothbrushing style. Due to the possible occurrence of periodontal disease at an early age, it is critical to begin correct toothbrushing patterns as early as possible. With this aim, we proposed a novel toothbrush monitoring and training system to interactively educate on(More)
The concept of intelligent toothbrush, capable of monitoring brushing motion, orientation through the grip axis, during toothbrushing was suggested in our previous study. In this study, we describe a tooth brushing pattern classification algorithm using three-axis accelerometer and three-axis magnetic sensor. We have found that inappropriate tooth brushing(More)
In order to monitor electrical activity of the heart during daily life, we present an electrode of a medical instrument system which is able to measure the body surface potential difference by minimizing the electrode distance. The designed electrode is composed of concentric circles. It was made from the basis of the Laplacian equation, and implemented on(More)
Systematic and effective welfare for the disabled is possible when there are scientific and objective criteria demonstrating either presence or severity of the impairment. We need our own scientific criteria suitable for our culture and society, since the impairment is influenced by them. In 2007, we established the Developing Committee of Korean Academy of(More)
BACKGROUND A systematic literature review of interspinous dynamic stabilization, including DIAM, Wallis, Coflex, and X-STOP, was conducted to assess its safety and efficacy. METHODS The search was done in Korean and English, by using eight domestic databases which included KoreaMed and international databases, such as Ovid Medline, Embase, and the(More)
This study presents a method for human sensibility evaluation using photoplethysmogram(PPG) signal instead of electrocardiogram(ECG) or electroence-phalogram(EEG) signals. For this objective, PPG signals for two emotional states(positive/negative) are collected. To evoke the test emotions, happy(or joyful) and sad(or irritating) movie files are collected(More)
In this paper, the stability condition of a discretized sliding mode control system is studied. For the conventional system, the stability of the closed-loop system is dependent on the sampling time, i.e., it turns to be unstable over a sampling period, and is stable under the sampling period. For the given system, however, it is shown that the interval of(More)