Dong Ju Choi

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OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to develop a model of the female pelvic floor to study levator stretch during simulated childbirth. STUDY DESIGN Magnetic resonance data from an asymptomatic nulligravida were segmented into pelvic muscles and bones to create a simulation model. Stiffness estimates of lateral and anteroposterior levator attachments(More)
We have developed a highly scalable and efficient GPU-based finite-difference code (AWP) for earthquake simulation that implements high throughput, memory locality, communication reduction and communication/computation overlap and achieves linear scalability on Cray XK7 Titan at ORNL and NCSA's Blue Waters system. We simulate realistic 0-10 Hz earthquake(More)
In the future, advanced biomechanical simulations of brain deformation during surgery will require access to multi-teraflop parallel hardware, supporting operating room infrastructure. This will allow surgeons to view images of intra-operative brain deformation within the strict time constraints of the surgical procedure typically on the order of minutes,(More)
Big Data problems dealing with a variety of large data sets are now common in a wide range of domain science research areas such as bioinformatics, social science, astronomical image processing, weather and climate dynamics, and economics. In some cases, the data generation and computation is done on high performance computing (HPC) resources, thus(More)
The goal of this project is to rapidly construct an order-by-order level snapshot of financial markets with nanosecond-resolution time stamps. We are particularly interested in understanding the impact of high-frequency traders on the security, stability and fairness of these markets. In this paper, we describe our computational approach, the optimizations(More)
The emerging cyberinfrastructure holds the promise of providing on-demand access to high performance network, compute and data resources. Image guided neurosurgery is one of many applications that requires such on-demand access to resources. In this paper, we have studied the feasibility of accessing such resources on-demand. An experiment was designed and(More)
BACKGROUND As dental implants receive masticatory stress, the distribution of stress is very important to peri-implant bone homeostasis and implant survival. In this report, we created a saddle-type implant and analyzed its stability and ability to distribute stress to the surrounding bone. METHODS The implants were designed as a saddle-type implant (SI)(More)
Multi-rail InfiniBand networks provide options to improve bandwidth, increase reliability, and lower latency for multi-core nodes. The Gordon supercomputer at SDSC, with its dual-rail InfiniBand 3-D torus network, is used to evaluate the performance impact of using multiple rails. The study was performed using the OSU micro-benchmarks, the P3FFT application(More)
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